Dr. Aaron Jones
What Your Dentist Wants You to Know: The Key to Dental Health Isn’t in an Office Visit
As a dentist, it’s not surprising that I am hyper-focused on dental health, as I should be for the sake of my patients. However, most people have a hard time...
Highland Park Dental     Aug 9 2017
Dental Insurance: Do We Even Need It?
Having been a dentist and in the dental world for the past 15 years, I have not had the pleasure or the pain of having to seek, find or understand dental...
Highland Park Dental     Jun 27 2016
Dazzled by Toothpaste Claims? Local Dentist Dispels Hype
Standing in the toothpaste aisle is a bigger decision than it used to be. Tarter control? Halitosis control? Whitening? Baking soda? Sparkly gel? What really...
Highland Park Dental     Oct 4 2012
Can Your Toothbrush Make You Sick?
Taking care of your teeth and gums makes you healthier, but if you fail to replace your toothbrush often enough, it could be making you ill. Many people only...
Highland Park Dental     Jul 17 2012
How to Get Rid of Bad Breath: Simple Steps to Defeat the Most Common Social Disease
It happens to all of us sometimes. Colleagues and friends turn their heads to the side when we are talking to them – sometimes they take a step back and press...
Highland Park Dental     Jun 29 2012
Why You Should Floss Daily
Flossing isn’t something any of us really enjoys doing. Nonetheless, it should be something we do daily. We visit the dentist every six months for our regular...
Highland Park Dental     Apr 19 2012
The Nervous Feeling at the Dentist
Dear Neighborhood, It’s the end of your cleaning appointment. X- Rays are completed. The cleaning is almost finished. The visit is almost over. You wonder,...
Highland Park Dental     Sep 14 2011
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