Arohi Arora
Go Beyond the Basics and Create a Multi-Sensory Office Experience
Your senses send a burst of information about a new place to your brain each time you walk into it. How does the room appear? What noises does it make? How does...
BuzzTowns     May 2 @ 8:57 am
The Evolving Chair: How Office Furniture is Getting a Tech Upgrade
In the modern era of office interior design , technology is the vehicle that drives every aspect of the modern workplace, including the office furniture that...
BuzzTowns     May 1 @ 7:46 am
9 Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Creating Valuable Content
When thinking of the advantages of influencer marketing, the first few points that click our mind are the boost in sales or brand awareness. Obviously, these...
New York City iReporter     Feb 22 2023
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