Bernadette Coleman
5 Reasons Businesses Need a Mobile App (Even If Their Website is Mobile-Friendly)
Smartphones have created a wealth of new marketing opportunities for businesses. Having a mobile-friendly website is certainly crucial, but it’s not the only...
Advice Local     Oct 27 2016
What You Can Learn About Local Business Marketing from a Zombie Escape Room
So those of you that follow my writing know that I’m always talking about how local businesses can engage their local customers to expand their reach and brand...
Advice Local     Oct 21 2016
Google’s New Divided Index Will Prioritize Mobile Search
In a move that underscores the growing importance of mobile search , Google will soon begin indexing search results separately for mobile and desktop users. Not...
Advice Local     Oct 20 2016
Best Image Sizes for a Facebook Page
As the most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook presents a powerful opportunity for businesses to connect with customers online. Maintaining a...
Advice Local     Oct 17 2016
Mobile Makes Micro-Moments Possible: 11 Must Do’s to Capture these Moments
Mmm, micro-moments! Mobile makes micro-moments possible. Think on this for just a moment. Did you want to pick up your phone to Google “micro-moments”? If yes,...
Advice Local     Oct 14 2016
5 Charitable Ways to Use Social Media During the Holidays
I love the Holidays. It’s my favorite time of year but I find it’s easy for me to get over-involved in all the holiday activities, attending holiday parties,...
TryMunity     Dec 10 2014
How To Make Moving Fun For Kids
Moving can obviously be a stressful time. Not only are you leaving a home that you’ve very likely loved for years, you have to do an incredible amount of...
All Boxed Up     Jul 31 2014
Sports and Brain Injuries: How to Protect Your Children
Two years ago my son was in a car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injuiry. What I did not know at the time is that there is a traumatic brain injury...
Allen iReporter     Jun 11 2013
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