Claire Maestri
Guilt Over Not Taking Care of Your Elderly Relatives
Dear Neighborhood, One of the amazing things about being a female of Generation X is that we were always told we could succeed at any career and live our...
Mom's Best Friend     May 11 2012
Wanting the Best Senior Care for Your Loved Ones
Last Thursday I had a little time to kill before picking up my kiddos from school. I decided to run into a large chain department store and take a gander at the...
Mom's Best Friend     Mar 27 2012
Senior Care That Truly Makes a Difference
When looking back on the impact Steve Jobs made, we see a number of amazing products on the market that have greatly impacted our daily lives. When I have run...
Mom's Best Friend     Nov 22 2011
A True Passion for Senior Care
I grew up behind the counter of a family owned pharmacy in a small east Texas town. My father had inherited the pharmacy business from his father, along with a...
Mom's Best Friend     Sep 30 2011
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