Mike Ellis
Guitar Lessons
Hi, I'm Mike Ellis. I've been teaching guitar for over 30 years and the method I use is the best I've ever seen. It starts with basic chords and simple songs to...
Lake Highlands Classifieds     Feb 4 2019
TWO FREE Private Lessons - Guitar, Piano, Bass, or Banjo
FALL SPECIAL! Sign up for four lessons and only pay for TWO. Just be sure to mention BubbleLife. My name is Mike Ellis and I teach guitar, piano, bass, and...
Lake Highlands Classifieds     Oct 11 2018
Aspiring Student at Mike Ellis Music Instruction
Here is a video of a young man named AIdan playing "Day Tripper" by the Beatles. The thing about Aidan is that has only recently turned nine years old. He...
Mike Ellis Music Instruction     Jan 14 2015
Lake Highlands Music Teacher gets Kudos from Across the Pond
Lake Highlands music teacher, Mike Ellis, received an email from Robert Strauss, composer, musical director, producer, songwriter, and owner of Wax Recording...
Mike Ellis Music Instruction     Nov 7 2014
Which Extra-curricular Activity Is Best for Your Child
This question is one parents face with all their children. It is most important when both parents work, but it relates to all parents. Is it best to get your...
Mike Ellis Music Instruction     Sep 3 2014
Learn to Play Guitar, Piano, Bass, or Banjo This Summer with Mike Ellis Music Instruction
Summer is almost here. Imagine going back to school after summer as a guitar player (or piano, bass, or banjo player). It is really possible and easier than you...
Lake Highlands Classifieds     May 27 2014
I Never Practiced
My name is Mike Ellis. I teach guitar, piano, bass, and banjo in my teaching studio in Lake Highlands. I tell all of my students that I never practiced, I...
Mike Ellis Music Instruction     Apr 28 2014
Why You Should Not Teach Piano This Way
Why do most piano teachers not teach the names of all the notes from the very start? When you or your children are first introduced to the piano, you are...
Mike Ellis Music Instruction     Feb 26 2014
Why Did They Build an Airplane?
Why did the Wright brothers build an airplane? They wanted to let men fly. Since the days of DaVinci, man had hoped to fly. These brothers followed what was...
Mike Ellis Music Instruction     Feb 15 2014
You Can Do This
This is young Ethan playing Penny Lane along with the Beatles. You can do this, too.
Mike Ellis Music Instruction     Jan 28 2014
The Magic Word for Learning Guitar
What is the Magic Word for Learning Guitar? I'm Mike Ellis, owner of Mike Ellis Music Instruction. At one time during my career, I had 100 students per week. I...
Mike Ellis Music Instruction     Jan 23 2014
Lake Highlands Music Teacher, "It's Time for a Change"
It is truly a time for change, not in what we do but in why we do it. We want our children to know how to play a musical instrument for many reasons. School age...
Mike Ellis Music Instruction     Jan 17 2014
Paul McCartney Can't Read Notes
One of the greatest and most successful composers in history, Sir Paul McCartney, can't read notes off the staff line. This may come as a surprise to any of you...
Mike Ellis Music Instruction     Jan 16 2014
Mike Ellis Music Instruction Offers Free App for Beginner Piano Students
The Android app ChordMaster P1 is a FREE Preview of the "ChordMaster for Beginner Piano Students" eBook, and more. This free app teaches you ALL the major...
Lake Highlands Classifieds     Jan 13 2014
Mike Ellis Music Instruction Accepting New Students
Mike Ellis Music Instruction is accepting new students for the New Year. Private lessons on guitar, piano, bass guitar, and banjo are available afternoons,...
Lake Highlands Classifieds     Jan 10 2014
How We Learn
There are several ways we learn things in life. Some things are learned from watching and listening, some from instruction, some from the school of hard knocks....
Mike Ellis Music Instruction     Jan 10 2014
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