Crystal Roznik
I’m starting my own creative business. What does this mean?
I’m starting my own creative business. What does this mean? This means that if I read that book correctly, I will be rich in just four hours a week without...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Feb 26 2014
Dumb White
So I've recently just finished a blog redesign called DumbWhiteHusband and I 'm writing for them every other week where I get to tell a bunch of Men why they...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Jan 16 2014
Promotional Zombie Posters
Here are some Zombie Promotional Poster I created create for Ben Wallace's newest book, Dumb White Husband vs Zombies . I had a blast designing these pulp...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Jan 14 2014
Looking for Bloggers
Hey guys I'm working on some big stuff at BubbleLife. We are going to be rolling out some new interest sites and DFW culture newsletters, but I need help if you...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Jan 8 2014
I Asked, and You Delivered Some Awesome Mom and Dad Blogs
Y’all filled up my inbox. I seriously thought I was popular for a minute, but it was just because I asked mom and dad bloggers in the Dallas area to send me a...
InTheLoopKids iReporter     Dec 11 2013
Maggie's 2nd Birthday Party - Milk & Cookies, Cows & Cake
So I figured I'd wait 7 days after Maggie turns 2 so that it would be a good weekend for people to come to a party as opposed to Thanksgiving Weekend. WRONG. I...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Dec 9 2013
PHOTOS: Entombed in Ice: This Weekend’s Photos of DFW
I asked our readers for photos of the ice storm that has closed down the Lone Star State. Dubbed “Icemageddon” or “Icepocalypse,” this storm has blacked out...
Park Cities iReporter     Dec 9 2013
Send Me Your Icy Photos
I love photos, and I'm stuck inside down in Cedar Hill braving the ice storm. So, while I'm here, let me know how everybody is doing during "Icemageddon" via...
Park Cities iReporter     Dec 6 2013
TED talks
Just watched Mike Rowe talk at the TED talk 2008 for the 2nd time, his idea that its bullsh*t we should all follow our passion, and that a college education is...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Dec 1 2013
I want this
I'm really not that hard to buy for. I've already maxed out all my favors and gift requests this year and probably next year too. But I kinda love this and must...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Nov 27 2013
Miles for Meredith 5k – 12 of 50 5ks
So I wrote about the Miles for Meredith 5k over at the Mansfield BubbleLife. And I wrote about my recent trouble with my brand new spandex pants. You can read...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Nov 26 2013
Running the Miles for Meredith 5k in Mansfield and My Problem with Pants
I ran the Miles for Meredith 5K this weekend over at the Mansfield High School. Here’s my recap: It was cold. And drizzly. It was also busier than what I...
Cedar Hill iReporter     Nov 25 2013
Calling all Dallas Area Parenting Bloggers
Moms and Dads, We here at BubbleLife are looking for popular mommy and daddy bloggers. We are compiling a list of Dallas-area parenting bloggers to feature in...
Park Cities iReporter     Nov 22 2013
Homestead Heritage Craft Fair
Once a year I visit a Fair called the Homestead Craft Fair, and I love it. It is a beautiful tradition that my family has participated in for the past 20 years....
Duck Soap Box Creative     Nov 22 2013
Go Outside the Bubble: An Annual Homestead Fair Instead of the Black Friday Consumer Madness
I recently read an article from Matt Walsh about Thanksgiving and what we, as American consumers, have done to this beautiful holiday. I could embellish my...
Cedar Hill iReporter     Nov 21 2013
Writing about the Color Run on BubbleLife
So I wrote a small dissertation about The Color Run . Then I posted it on BubbleLife and I shared it on my gofundme account so now all I have to do is tell you....
Duck Soap Box Creative     Nov 20 2013
Willow Week 26. 6 months
Happy 6 months Willow. Stay smiley.
Duck Soap Box Creative     Nov 20 2013
You Should Participate in a 5K Color Run. It’s Better than Ice Cream
We had a BLAST, and I’m so going to do it again, but I’m not talking about my recent ice cream trip to Sonic (ba-da-dum, see what I did there). This past...
Park Cities iReporter     Nov 19 2013
The Color Run, the 11th 5k
This is the 1st Mega 5k (over 2,000 people) that I have done that I would do again, possibly the other Color Run in the spring . Or there are many many others...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Nov 16 2013
Willow Week 25
She moves a ton. There is no keeping this baby still.
Duck Soap Box Creative     Nov 12 2013
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