Crystal Roznik
DFW Lab Rescue: Labrador Retriever People Are Cooler Than Normal People, So You Should Get One
I’ve always been a dog person. In my personal experience, cats are weird and antisocial. I prefer friendly animals that prefer me back. Dogs are like any mom’s...
Coppell iReporter     Sep 16 2013
DFW Lab Rescue Story
I continue to write, this time about a pancake-loving dog who didn't do a 5K. It takes me far too long to construct such a poorly constructed journalistic...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Sep 16 2013
The Shadow Box Crafty Things
I'm sure some version of this was inspired by something I've seen on Pinterest. But this was so much fun. Here's how: Ikea has these frames for $20.00 I wrapped...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Sep 10 2013
Willow's Week 16
Duck Soap Box Creative     Sep 9 2013
Dr. Who, Week 15 & Willow's Newborn shots
Lost the coin toss yesterday. So today my mini is a mini Dr. Who. My husband is so proud. We left the tags on the jacket and Ross is returning it today....
Duck Soap Box Creative     Sep 2 2013
Saturday Splash Pad
Went to Cedar Hills Spalsh Pad today. Check the you tube channel for videos. more photos
Duck Soap Box Creative     Aug 12 2013
It’s Shark Week, Y’all: Top 4 Places to See Sharks This Week in Dallas
This is the only week during the year that I wish I had cable. I’m one of those antenna-only people who thinks I’m too good for Boo Boo’s filled with Honey and...
Cedar Hill iReporter     Aug 8 2013
I wrote an article about my nips
Happy World Breastfeeding Week! Today I wrote my 1st article for BubbleLife Media. I hope to make writing a regular thing over there. I heard about a group of...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Aug 8 2013
Boobs and Sharks
So my 1st article was about the Big Latch On and World Breastfeeding Week. This week its about Sharks. Read it here.
Duck Soap Box Creative     Aug 8 2013
30 Women Bust Out (Literally) at Dallas City Hall
Happy World Breastfeeding Week! (Yay for Ta Tas!) I didn’t quite know what to expect when I decided to attend “The Big Latch On” at Dallas City Hall. I’m a mom...
InTheLoopKids iReporter     Aug 2 2013
Willow's VBAC Birth Story
Dear Willow, I hope in 20 or 30 years, when you decide to have children, that a VBAC is no big deal. I hope that it is looked upon as commonplace and...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Aug 2 2013
Willow Week 9
Dear Willow, I'm sick today so there is no crazy picture. I did have a decent idea that I will save for later. Bummer. But right now I have to fight this...
Duck Soap Box Creative     Jul 23 2013
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