Gary Medlin
What Were The Key Criminal Justice Reforms of 2017?
Key changes and criminal justice reforms were seen in 2017 as a new administration took a tough stance on crime and immigration. The arrival of the Trump...
The Medlin Law Firm     Jun 5 2023
What Are Habeas Corpus Cases in Texas?
In some cases, a defendant can be released from jail post-conviction if he or she has been denied their fundamental rights. An attorney files a writ of habeas...
The Medlin Law Firm     Jun 5 2023
Alcohol Cases Are Different Than Drug Related DWI Cases
It is important for people to know that alcohol cases are different than drug-related DWI cases. In alcohol cases, law enforcement can measure a person’s blood...
The Medlin Law Firm     Jun 5 2023
Can A Passenger Be Charged If Drugs Are Found In The Vehicle?
Can a passenger be charged if drugs are found in the vehicle? Yes, it does happen frequently, however, there is usually not enough evidence to convict the...
The Medlin Law Firm     Jun 5 2023
Medlin Client Falsely Convicted Of Murder Exonerated After 21 Years
On Wednesday, a State district Judge exonerated 44-year-old John Earl Nolley for the 1996 murder of Sharon McLane. Nolley was released after 19 years in prison...
The Medlin Law Firm     Jun 5 2023
What Are The Common Types of Police Encounters People Find Themselves In?
There are several different types of police encounters. One particularly common one is what the police like to call consensual, and occurs when they approach...
The Medlin Law Firm     Jun 5 2023
Can Police Use Any Statements I Made In The Absence Of My Attorney Against Me?
Any evidence or statements made by a person prior to their arrest may be used against them if the officer had reasonable suspicion supporting their decision to...
The Medlin Law Firm     Jun 5 2023
I Was Asked To Come Down To A Police Station Regarding An Incident. What Should I Do?
If someone has been asked to go to a police station regarding an incident, they should call an attorney. There is no requirement for a person to comply with...
The Medlin Law Firm     Jun 5 2023
A Legal Guide To Understanding The House Bill 1927
The final version of House Bill 1927 Legislation, was formally signed by the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, and is due to come into effect on the 1st of...
The Medlin Law Firm     Jun 5 2023
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