Janet Berry
Co-Teaching-It’s Up and Coming
What do you get when you have two qualified teachers who may or may not have shared expertise cooperatively delivering instruction to a group of students? This...
Houston iReporter     Dec 13 2017
Veterans Day Program at CME Teaches Through Example
November 11 th may have different meanings to each of us, but as a country it is a day of remembrance, a day to remember the veterans that help shape American...
Houston iReporter     Nov 10 2017
Math and Science Night = Fun Learning
Whether you have an affection for astronomy, a sentiment for science or are mad for math, there was something for everybody yesterday evening at Colony Meadow...
Houston iReporter     Nov 10 2017
A Night of Non-Stop Fun
On Friday, November 3, 2017, the Colony Meadows Elementary PTO pulled out all the stops when it came to an evening of fun for the students. A series of events...
Houston iReporter     Nov 5 2017
Storybook Stroll...Better Than Halloween?
More vibrant than a dream… Not scary like Halloween…Maybe reminiscent of falling down a rabbit hole in the storybook Alice in Wonderland! All these things came...
Houston iReporter     Oct 31 2017
Crazy Hair Shows Colony Meadows Elementary Cares!
Waking up with crazy hair is in demand today for Colony Meadows students for the final day supporting Red Ribbon week. These students are sending the message...
Houston iReporter     Oct 27 2017
Story-Book Pumpkins or Pumpkin Art?
Colony Meadows Elementary library has transformed into a pumpkin patch of story-book characters! Each year the students are invited to bring an artificial...
Houston iReporter     Oct 24 2017
Sleeping on the Job with Drug Awareness?
Sleeping on the job? Not these kids with drug awareness!! “Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs...
Houston iReporter     Oct 23 2017
The A, B, C's on Parade at Colony Meadows Elementary
The alphabet on parade! Colony Meadows Elementary kindergarten students celebrated the alphabet with a parade and party on Friday. Each student selected a...
Houston iReporter     Oct 13 2017
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