Elections Countdown: Counties Push For Higher Turnouts Amid New Laws
On November 4, mid-term election holds historic importance for voters because it is the year of both the 50 th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and the year...
Denton iReporter     Sep 19 2014
16th Annual Blues Festival Offers Electrifying Local And National Performances
The 16 th Annual Denton Blues Festival kicks off in Denton's Quakertown Park, located at 321 E. McKinney St. this weekend. Admission is free and will feature...
Denton iReporter     Sep 19 2014
Waging War On Blood Cancers: Donor Champions Drive Registration
September is National Awareness Month for Blood Cancers like leukemia, lymphoma and sickle cell anemia. One of the most successful medical treatments for these...
Denton iReporter     Sep 18 2014
Social Media Pictures From 2014 North Texas Fair, Rodeo To Remember May Fare Better Than 1,000 Words
Celebrity performances, out-of-country guests, picture contests and social media chats prove that while last month's North Texas Fair and Rodeo may be over...
Addison iReporter     Sep 11 2014
Vince Lujan Project Led By Former UNT Student, Rocks With Soulful Jazz
The last two Thursday night performances in Unicorn Lake's free Summer Concert Series, featuring pop rock group Velvet Army tonight and rock band 11:40 next...
Denton iReporter     Aug 21 2014
Little Elm Teacher And Husband Display Passion For County And Country During Summertime Break
Teachers may travel or take it easy during summer, especially after an active school year. For Oak Point Elementary teacher, Judith Otero-Reed, on Fourth of...
Little Elm iReporter     Jul 31 2014
Counting On Its People: Addison Recounts The Impact Of Kaboomtown 2014
As it does every year, Addison’s air and fireworks mega festival, Kaboomtown, attracted thousands who braved traffic jams, booked hotels, packed restaurants,...
Addison iReporter     Jul 31 2014
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