Leslie McGehee
Happy 4th of July!
Happy 4th of July from all of us @ LetYouKnow ! We hope all have the best time with your family and friends on this great holiday! Freedom for all!
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Jul 3 2023
LetYouKnow, Inc. featured in Yahoo Finance!
LetYouKnow, Inc . was recently featured in Yahoo Finance . We have nearly 100 new car dealerships in our Dealer Network and are signing up more and more as the...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Jan 16 2023
Brand New LetYouKnow Podcast!
LetYouKnow, Inc. is a startup tech company that is based in beautiful downtown Seattle located at 3rd and Pike Street. Our CEO, Boris Zhukov , was invited to be...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Oct 22 2022
LetYouKnow recognized in the 21 Best Washington Auctions Companies and Startups!
Who isn't excited to be voted in the top of anything?? We sure were! We have been working so hard, signing up new dealerships and listing more and more new...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Sep 7 2022
LetYouKnow's CTO was recognized in the Top 101 CTO's in the United States E-Commerce Space!
Big news for us!! LetYouKnow’s CTO, Aaron Shao , was voted as one of the United State's 101 Top CTO's in the E-Commerce Space ! Aaron and Boris Zhukov...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Jun 22 2022
Android App Release!
Big news for LetYouKnow ! We recently released our Android app (and soon will release iOS app)! We made it super easy for you to shop for a new car On The...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Jun 14 2022
LetYouKnow recognized as one of the 101 Top e-Commerce Companies in Washington!
Business of Shopping recently recognized LetYouKnow as one of the 101 Top e-Commerce Companies in Washington. They selected us for exceptional performance with...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     May 7 2022
TEDx Talk with LetYouKnow's CEO!
Last year, LetYouKnow’s Boris A. Zhukov , was honored to be invited to be a speaker at TEDx in Raleigh, NC. First off, no he isn’t the wrestler! He is a...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Apr 21 2022
Newest Podcast About LetYouKnow!
Watch the latest podcast featuring LetYouKnow, Inc.'s CEO and TEDx Speaker , Boris A. Zhukov! Then go to LetYouKnow.com to try out your price bid for your...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Apr 18 2022
Springtime in Seattle! Plus, some savings!
It is springtime in Seattle! Got to see the large, beautiful cherry blossoms at University of Washington and saw more cherry blossoms and other amazing plants...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Apr 1 2022
LetYouKnow at Florida Event!
Special thanks to Andrey Shalaurov for doing an amazing job presenting & representing LetYouKnow, Inc. at a great event in Florida!! Many people were...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Mar 28 2022
Hello Spring!
Spring has finally arrived!! Lots of spring showers in Seattle on the first day of spring, but that didn't stop us from running on the Burke Gilman Trail! The...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Mar 21 2022
St. Patrick's Day!
You don't need the Luck of the Irish to get the best deal on your new car! Submit Your Price @ www.LetYouKnow.com to get your own price! Plus, use Promo Code...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Mar 17 2022
What car has the most rebates?
There are a number of websites that publish rebate information, so do your research online to understand the pricing landscape for your car. The rebates are...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Jan 19 2022
How to find dealer invoice price for a new car?
Buying a new car is a huge purchase and you should do research to make sure you are getting the best price on your new car. You should always located the MSRP...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Jan 2 2022
How to Get the Best Price on a New Car at a Dealership
First, your should do some online research to find the MSRP and look for any discounts or specials that dealers have. Then, get specific quotes from multiple...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Dec 28 2021
When Buying a New Car, How to Get Quotes From Multiple Car Dealers
You can get new car quotes by calling, texting or emailing the internet sales manager at multiple dealerships. Ask them to email you the quote that includes doc...
LetYouKnow, Inc.     Dec 28 2021
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