Lisa Taylor
Two’s company for newly-slender Highland Village couple
A happy couple from Highland Village says their relationship is stronger than ever after losing a combined weight of 118 pounds and winning a local competition....
Slimming World     Mar 14 2014
Slimming World's "Slim For Good" Kick Off Party - Benefitting CCA - and YOU!
Join us at Slimming World as we embark on a 6 week campaign to lose weight and improve our health all while raising money to support Christian Community Action!...
Lewisville Classifieds     Feb 24 2014
Lewisville residents are losing weight for good in more ways than one
A group of big-hearted people from the Lewisville area are doing their part for the local community and their own health by organizing an effort to raise money...
Slimming World     Feb 21 2014
An Affair To Remember - But Not On Your Hips!
An Affair To Remember (but won’t remain on your hips)! Whether you’re loopy in love, celebrating singledom or admiring someone from afar, we want to...
Slimming World     Feb 9 2014
Don't Let Your Super Bowl Party Super Size You!
Whether you’re watching the game or just tuning in for the commercials, everyone loves a great Super Bowl party! For those of us trying to stick to our...
Slimming World     Jan 27 2014
What A Difference A Year Makes!
January is a time when lots of people decide to get in shape and anyone thinking about losing weight this New Year will find incredible inspiration in a...
Slimming World     Dec 30 2013
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