Marlea Maschmeyer
Legal Insight from the Barrows Firm: COBRA & Health Insurance Options After Divorce
Should I Get COBRA After Divorce or Are There Alternative Options for Health Insurance in Texas? After a divorce in Texas , a spouse qualifies for continuing...
Southlake iReporter     Apr 21 2021
Legal Insight from the Barrows Firm: Divorce with Adult Special Needs Children
There Are Unique Issues in a Divorce with Adult Special Needs Children Some several medical conditions and disorders affect children and as they become adults...
Grapevine iReporter     Mar 18 2021
Legal Insight from the Barrows Firm: Financial Considerations Prior to Divorce
Addressing Financial Considerations Before Divorce Helps Family Lawyers Best Represent Clients The two most common issues in a divorce in Texas are money...
Grapevine iReporter     Feb 10 2021
Legal Advice from the Barrows Firm: COVID-19 Child Support Issues and Options
COVID-19 Child Support: Job and Income Losses Affect a Parent’s Ability to Pay Child Support The December 2020 Jobs Report indicated a decrease in jobs for...
Southlake iReporter     Jan 12 2021
Grapevine's Oldest Restaurant Celebrates 40 YEARS OF FUN
Willhoite’s Restaurant, Grapevine’s oldest operating restaurant, will mark four decades in business January 17, 2021. The family-owned restaurant will...
Grapevine iReporter     Jan 6 2021
Legal Insight from the Barrows Firm: End of Life Decisions with Wills & Estate Planning
Why Wills and Estate Planning Documents Are Best When Everyone is Healthy This holiday season is one like no other, and with concerns of health and those who...
Grapevine iReporter     Dec 9 2020
Texas Health Southlake Names Dr. Michael Ludwig Vice President of Patient Care Services
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake named Michael E. Ludwig, DNP, MHA, RN, NEA-BC as its vice president of patient care services and chief nursing...
Southlake iReporter     Nov 16 2020
Legal Insight from the Barrows Firm: Celebrating National Adoption Day
Would You Consider Adopting or Being a Foster Parent? National Adoption Day raises awareness of children in foster care who need permanent families and...
Southlake iReporter     Nov 12 2020
Legal Insight from the Barrows Firm: Divorce, Joint Debts & Student Loans in Texas
Divorce with Joint Debts During Marriage in Texas Texas divorce and family laws treat joint debts during marriage like other property which is either...
Grapevine iReporter     Oct 23 2020
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