Coppell Music Academy
Awesome Summer Offer!
Hey Parents! We have an amazing summer special offer for you today! We are offering 1 free piano semi-private group class lesson / group class lesson for...
Coppell Music Academy     Jul 14 @ 12:00
Summer 2018 Programs!
We are excited for students to begin voice camp next week! Spots are still available for Piano on the week of 7/16 - 7/20. For more information please...
Coppell Music Academy     Jul 7 @ 15:00
Summer Piano Update!
Hey Parents! There's still time left! If your child is interested in piano we have a spot available in the July summer class for 07/16 - 07/20. Please...
Coppell Music Academy     Jun 29 @ 18:00
New Update!
Summer Camp Classes are filling up quickly! We still have available spots left for Piano, Guitar and Voice! Find a spot for your child via our website...
Coppell Music Academy     Jun 22 @ 19:00
Summer Music Program Updates!
Summer 2018 Music Program Update! If you are interested in your child joining music lessons this summer, we currently have openings available in Voice,...
Coppell Music Academy     Jun 16 @ 14:00
Summer Music Program 2018!!!
Are your kids interested in trying something exciting and new this summer? If so, Coppell Music Academy has a great Summer Music Program that your kids can join...
Coppell Music Academy     Jun 2 @ 12:00
Monthly Music Workshop!
Coppell Music Academy held its 5th Monthly Music Workshop this past weekend for our clients and community! Check out our next upcoming workshop here:...
Coppell Music Academy     May 21 @ 20:00
Most Frequently Asked Question
Most frequently asked question by parents: "I am not sure what instrument my child should learn, what do you suggest?" We have a helpful answer! : While...
Coppell Music Academy     May 14 @ 21:00
2018 Summer Music Program!
Is your child interested in music lessons? Are they a beginner? If so, Coppell Music Academy has a great Summer Music Program that your child can join today! We...
Coppell Music Academy     May 9 @ 19:00
Summer Music Programs!
Is your child wanting to try another instrument? We are offering exciting special summer music introductory classes in piano, guitar, voice, drums and ukulele!...
Coppell Music Academy     May 3 @ 20:00
Recital Approaching!
The 22nd CMA Triannual Music Recital is approaching quickly! We are excited to see our students perform their new masterpieces!
Coppell Music Academy     Apr 23 @ 17:00
Why Take Music Lessons?
Why take music lessons? Well, we believe there are four main tangible reasons to pursue music lessons. One, Your child will learn to play on a real and...
Coppell Music Academy     Apr 18 @ 18:00
Student Incentive Program!
We are proud to announce an exciting incentive program for our students! The purpose of 'Student Incentive Program' is to motivate and reward students so they...
Coppell Music Academy     Apr 9 @ 19:00
New Hours!
Coppell Music Academy has updated our hours of operations. Check out our website!
Coppell Music Academy     Apr 6 @ 19:00
New Toddler Program!
Coppell Music Academy now has a new music program for toddlers ages 3- 4 ½ year olds. If you would like to know more information about this program, please give...
Coppell Music Academy     Mar 26 @ 19:00
Professional Staff & Teachers
Coppell Music Academy believes in providing high value service, therefore we are committed to providing superior service for all your needs. This is why we take...
Coppell Music Academy     Mar 19 @ 18:00
Music Enrichment Programs
Monthly Music Workshops are now a new addition to our music enrichment programs here at Coppell Music Academy! The purpose of the workshops are to bring world...
Coppell Music Academy     Mar 12 @ 20:00
Coppell Music Academy Recitals
Coppell Music Academy hosts three music recitals a year. One in the spring, summer and fall/winter. Our next upcoming recital will take place in early April. We...
Coppell Music Academy     Mar 5 @ 20:59
New Operation Hours
Coppell Music Academy would like to inform you that we have updated our hours, please have a look!
Coppell Music Academy     Feb 26 @ 21:00
School of Modern Music
Coppell Music Academy is a school of modern music. This means that we specialize in a variety of instruments such as piano, electric and acoustic guitar, voice,...
Coppell Music Academy     Feb 19 @ 20:00
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