Ryan Enos
How Starbucks is Boosting Your Home's Value
Here is another great reason to justify your Starbucks addiction. The Starbucks on the corner is boosting your home's value. A recent study by Zillow found...
Ryan Enos, REALTOR     Nov 13 2015
Get Your Home Out of the 90's and Maximize It's Value
All of us want to know that when it comes time to sell our homes we will be able to get buyers to pay the maximum possible price. After all our home is our...
Ryan Enos, REALTOR     Nov 11 2015
Highland Village Real Estate Market Update
Unless you've been living under the Lake Lewisville Bridge you've likely noticed the "For Sale" signs in your neighborhood. The truth is, Highland Village...
Ryan Enos, REALTOR     Nov 10 2015
Free Online Home Value Estimate
If you are thinking about selling your home, you need to know what your home is worth. Click the button below to receive your free online home value estimate...
Highland Village Classifieds     Nov 10 2015
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