What are the Cold Hard Facts About Cryotherapy for Pain Relief?
Can plunging one’s entire body into a freezing chamber reduce muscle pain? For the professional athletes and celebrities who have made cryotherapy so popular,...
Texas Back Institute     Jan 7 2019
It's Never too Late to Get Strong and Healthy
During the past century, the dramatic increase in the average lifespan has been remarkable. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) notes, “Although most babies...
Texas Back Institute     Jan 7 2019
8 Most Common Causes of Neck Pain
#1 Degeneration of Discs and Bones Due to Wear and Tear Gradual wear and tear may cause pain in the neck. The vertebrae and discs in the neck will wear down...
Texas Back Institute     Jan 7 2019
Dr. Isador Lieberman: A Pioneer of Robotic Surgery Looks to the Future
In a remarkable “sign of the times” for surgery, the Senhance robot recently became the first new robotic surgical system to receive FDA approval since 2000....
Texas Back Institute     Jan 7 2019
Research on Physical Therapy for Back Pain: It Saves Time, Money and Reduces the Need for Opioids
The study, published in “Health Services Research,” was designed to determine if physical therapy reduced overall health care costs and patient outlay related...
Texas Back Institute     Jan 7 2019
Sciatica: What You Should Know About its Causes and Treatments
Not all back pain is alike. Even though it may seem to be occurring in the same area of the body, understanding the type of back pain is more important for...
Texas Back Institute     Jan 7 2019
Are You Taking Too Much Ibuprofen for Your Constant Pain? The Answer is Most Likely "Yes"
Whether it is chronic or acute, pain affects the quality of life of millions of Americans every day. Pain varies in severity, based on its cause and other...
Texas Back Institute     Jan 7 2019
Why Air Travel Can be Hazardous to Your Health
Anyone who spends a lot of time on an airplane has a clear understanding of the concept of misery. Except for those lucky travelers who are in “first class,”...
Texas Back Institute     May 16 2016
Can an Ancient Yoga Pose Correct Scoliosis Spine Deformity?
For the more than six million people in the U.S. who suffer from scoliosis , performing a basic yoga pose for a few minutes each day may dramatically improve...
Texas Back Institute     Jan 21 2015
Ouch! Avoiding the Pain and Grabbing the Gain of Working Out
With the dawning of a new year, a large number of overweight and previously sedentary men and women decide it’s time to lose a few pounds. They attempt to...
Texas Back Institute     Jan 15 2015
The Three Words Bruce Frantz Thought He Would Never Hear Again: Take a Hike!
When Bruce Frantz and his wife Beverly retired in 2002, they were looking forward to spending time on their passion – hiking Yellowstone National Park . The...
Texas Back Institute     Dec 9 2014
Texas Back Institute     Nov 24 2014
Texas Back Institute     Nov 19 2014
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