Shawnie Walker
Smart Kitchens: How Technology is Transforming Singapore's Food Production
Singapore's food production landscape is undergoing a revolutionary shift, largely influenced by the advent and integration of smart technologies in kitchens....
Property Review     Dec 22 @ 5:18 am
CT FoodNex - The Future of Food Factory
Several enterprises in the food and drink production sectors find CT FoodNex Singapore, a remarkable freehold industrial property, to be ideal for their...
Property Review     Apr 14 2023
Freehold Food Factory at Mandai Estate
Despite the rise of e-commerce and meal delivery services, Tricia Song, head of research for Colliers International in Singapore, told The Business Times that...
Property Review     Nov 22 2022
Sophia Regency Singapore
Located in Singapore's most desirable district 9, Sophia Regency is a luxury condo building that is both unique and exclusive. There are just 38 dwelling units...
Property Review     Nov 8 2022
Invest in Food Factory Singapore
Singaporeans are renowned for their gastronomic passion. In light of this, it is not surprising that Singapore is home to a thriving domestic food production...
Property Review     Sep 10 2022
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