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DFW BubbleLife Sunday Edition

During the holiday season, most of us are focused on spending time with family — and food. This week’s Sunday Edition is dedicated to holiday recipes.

Believe it or not, cooking is how I relax. Years ago, I created the BubbleLife Recipe Box in order to have an online home for my recipes so that I could find them easily or have them when I travel.

This weekend’s collection presents some of my favorite recipes and family traditions.

Top Stories of the Week

1. Smoked Turkey Breast on the Big Green Egg

Maybe Santa is bringing you a Big Green Egg for Christmas, so you need to be armed and ready with a great recipe. Hopefully, Santa’s elves delivered it a bit early. Click here to learn tips for perfectly smoking your turkey breast on the Big Green Egg: http://bubly.us/3tLk


2. What To Feed Your College Kids The Week Before Christmas

During the holidays, I try not to stress. But it seems like kids with big appetites are always coming and going with their friends — who also have big appetites. Do yourself a favor and pick up a ham, then follow this recipe to cook it in the crockpot. You can stretch it for days with ham sandwiches, ham salad and even Spanish bean soup to keep your cupboard from going bare. Get the recipe here: http://bubly.us/3tLl


3. Not Your Granny’s Cranberry Mold

My friend Julie, who visited for Thanksgiving, made this, and I couldn’t get enough. My favorite rendition was to use it as a spread for my turkey sandwiches the day after. You’ll love having it on your holiday table. Recipe: http://bubly.us/3tLm


4. Green Beans — Don’t Mess With A Classic

Everybody needs a little green on their plate, and green beans seem to be the ultimate choice. Here’s the classic Green Bean Casserole recipe http://bubly.us/3tLn, and if you’re looking for something a little different, here’s a link to my Stewed Green Bean recipe. http://bubly.us/3tLo.


5. You’re On Your Own For Pie Recipes, But Coconut Cake Is A Big Surprise

I know it’s not Easter, but coconut cake goes with everything. My coconut cake also has a sweet story behind it that makes it a true family tradition. See the recipe and story here: http://bubly.us/3tLp


6. A Few Cookie Recipes To Keep The Kids Busy

A family baking day is always fun, and kids love decorating cookies and baking gingerbread men. Here are two great cookie recipes to get your kids in the festive spirit and busy for a while.

I picked this article up from Lakewood BubbleLife, and here are two great recipes from a cookie exchange that are on my baking to-do list. The cranberry-pecan chocolate chip biscotti sounds like it would be a great snack with my coffee! See the recipes here: http://bubly.us/3tLs


7. Sometimes You Just Need A Festive Drink

I’ll probably get called on the carpet for this one, but a few of us like to partake.

The cranberry sangria is a festive favorite in my household. It can be served warmed, too. The Christmas Spritzer is a favorite of my little one. Obviously, I don’t put the vodka in, but he does love to have it poured in a fancy glass. Here are a few drink recipes to happy up your holidays.


Let’s Keep On Cooking After The Holidays

Check out www.bubbleliferecipebox.com. I am always looking for new recipes, so please share your favorites. You can send them to me at saffie@bubblelife.com.

Happy holidays to you and yours from the BubbleLife family!

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