23, September 2017: People who are looking for a reliable app that allows them to create professional GIFs and other video files can consider the aforementioned website. It has come up with free animated video editing software that can accomplish such tasks in a convenient and time saving manner. Once it is downloaded, it can be used by amateurs as well as avid designers and the features have been described as viable.

Making video presentations for school projects, college events or for work have become a common phenomenon. There are many aspects to them and hence, users would require help in order to make them appear interesting. Software that is easy to use and that can create unique videos is an ideal situation. Animiz is one such entity that has introduced a free app for the purpose. It can be downloaded by anyone without any hassles and used without any delays.

The software comes with a number of customization options. Whether it is the templates, the shapes, the effects or the general appearance, there are many choices available for users. For the beginners, there is an extensive tutorial that can be perused. It is believed to be an apt choice for businesspersons. The end result has been described as attractive by most of the users in their reviews.

Jason Chan, manager of Animiz said, “We have been able to create software that enables fashion to meet function. The videos that are created using our tool are fashionable and are full of different functions. We have had a large number of downloads since its introduction and there have been many encouraging reviews as well. You can make the most of the editing features using lesser resources than normal. This animated video editing software for businessmen is effective and popular.”

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About the website:

The website claims that there is a customer service team that is available 24/7 to answer any queries that users may have. There is an online contact form that can be used for such purposes. It is a platform that has been able to help users with all their video presentations and GIF compilations. There are many helpful tabs for users, which are ideal in creating innovative videos.

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Company: Animiz Software Co., Ltd

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