Jeff Farris
An Interesting Place to Test     Sep 14 2016
Technology Sales / Account Executive Job Opening
COMPANY OVERVIEW For almost 20 years, Partner I.T. has been helping customers move to new ways of productivity and collaboration with the latest computer,...
Park Cities Classifieds     Oct 1 2015
Here's a quick test email.
Here's a quick test of email. Thanks, Jeff
An Interesting Place to Test     Sep 15 2015
Facebook Issues Resolved
Facebook Again Working Normally Facebook has updated our connection and Facebook posts are again working normally. If you experience any problems, please go to...
BubbleLife Connect Updates     May 5 2015
*** Update - Facebook Issues
*** Facebook Posting Issues We are currently experiencing problems distributing posts to Facebook. Recent changes to Facebook have disabled our ability to post...
BubbleLife Connect Updates     May 1 2015
Update - Twitter Images
Twitter Images in Distribution You can now include images with your Twitter post during distribution. If your article has a larger image, it may be included...
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Mar 26 2015
Update - New Layout to Public Sites
Sites The sites layout has been updated to provide a cleaner presentation to visitors including better grouping of location and phone information. More...
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Jan 14 2015
Update - Appointments
Appointments You can now allow customers to schedule appointments online! This release includes capabilities for taking, tracking and managing appointments. It...
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Sep 17 2014
Update - Social profiles
Leads and Contacts now show associated Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other profiles if available with links to each. Plus, for some leads and contacts, their...
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Aug 17 2014
Update - Topic improvements
Allow better routing of articles submitted from BubbleLife Connect to newsletter so that articles appear under their correct topic. Renamed the "Bubbletin...
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Jul 24 2014
Real Estate Presentation Follow-up
I want to thank you for signing up for the presentation " How to Own the Local Real Estate Market ". If you couldn't attend or would like to see the...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 22 2014
Updates - Improved filtering
Improved filter dialogs for contacts and leads Allow one click landing page capture through the use of the URL parameter "&email=".
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Jul 19 2014
How to Own the Local Real Estate Market
If you've ever been frustrated by online advertising or trying to become more "digital," you are not alone. Making the transition from print to digital can be...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 15 2014
10 Ways to Get Money in the Door Today
Sometimes you need new customers — and you need them now! There’s no waiting until next month or even next week; you need to get every last dollar you can in...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 10 2014
Update - Faster import jobs
Improved contact scoring with a 90 day look back on activity. Faster processing of import jobs. Provide for import of lead and contact assignments.
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Jul 5 2014
Update - Landing page registrations
Added optional "Thank you" page to landing pages. Added registration pages for event lead capture. Allow upload of unsubscribe list. Add interest capture to web...
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Jun 20 2014
5 Ways Local Businesses Waste Money on Google Adwords
Nothing beats Google Adwords if you are trying to reach people when they are looking for your product or service. With almost 70% of all searches going through...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jun 12 2014
Update - Marketing calendar
Marketing calendar improvements Calendar reminders Allow sites to be tied to any local media partner
BubbleLife Connect Updates     May 31 2014
10 Ways Your Website May be Wasting Customer Time and Your Money
No matter how much your local business generates interest from word of mouth, print ads or your storefront, many of your potential customers are going to first...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     May 29 2014
Kim Kardashian’s Five Tips for Making Your Local Business Famous
Kim Kardashian may not be a world-renowned local business consultant, but she’s a genius at creating - and keeping - fame. More importantly, she has a lot to...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     May 20 2014
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