Jeff Farris
Update - Website analysis
Improved website insights and analysis reporting Improved spam protection for landing pages and site contact us forms Support for graphic mobile ads in...
BubbleLife Connect Updates     May 9 2014
Here's 5 Ways Facebook Might be Failing Your Business
You set up a Facebook page and encouraged your customers to "Like" you so they would come back, buy more stuff and spread the word to their friends and family....
BubbleLife | Advice Local     May 6 2014
Update - Full width dashboard
Provide full width display of dashboard Update contact email address Better handling of iPhone images with orientations
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Apr 14 2014
Update - Improved contacts
Allow interests to be imported for contacts Contact lead scoring Themes for dashboard customizable by group Improved contact management
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Mar 27 2014
Update - Reputation monitoring
Improved image handling including support for transparent pngs Email account reputation monitoring
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Mar 16 2014
Update - Custom profile picture
Provide custom profile picture Provide reach reporting for social media postings
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Mar 8 2014
Update - Email click tracking
Ability to define custom look for public BubbleLife Connect site including custom pages Improved mail handling including click tracking in sent emails Add...
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Feb 17 2014
Update - Customer dashboards
New and enhanced custom customer dashboards for "My Clients" Add custom fields to webinquiry Addition of BubbleLife Partners directory
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Jan 29 2014
Update - Salestrack subscriber
Email marketing tracks updated with 10 custom fields per subscriber Allow distribution of articles to Wordpress websites
BubbleLife Connect Updates     Jan 14 2014
What is CPM?
The abbreviation CPM is an advertising term that stands for “cost per thousand impressions” and is used to compare the cost of reaching potential customers. In...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 28 2013
What is CTR?
One way to determine how successful an online advertising campaign has been is by looking at its Click Through Rate or CTR. CTR is a measurement of the amount...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 28 2013
What Should I Put on LinkedIn?
The primary social media site for use by professionals is LinkedIn. The site offers opportunities for individuals to network, find jobs and even conduct...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 28 2013
Can I Stop Advertising When the Phone Starts Ringing?
When it comes to a business’s advertising strategy, there is one general rule that shouldn’t be forgotten or overlooked: Remain consistent. All too often,...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 22 2013
Why Doesn’t My Advertising Work?
Have you tried advertising but feel like it hasn’t generated any results whatsoever? This could be attributed to several factors. Reaching the Wrong...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 22 2013
Why Isn’t Word-of-Mouth Enough?
Many small business owners rely heavily, if not solely, on word-of-mouth advertising. Often, this is because many feel they lack the knowledge and time to...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 22 2013
What is CAN-SPAM?
The C ontrolling the A ssault of N on- S olicited P ornography A nd M arketing Act of 2003 (CAN-SPAM) regulates commercial email and requires businesses to...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 22 2013
What is Open Rate?
When you send a mass email to your contacts, you are probably curious about how many of them read it. The “open rate” is a measurement of the amount of emails...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 22 2013
What’s a Good Call to Action?
A “call to action” is a sales message that promotes a sense of urgency, encouraging potential customers to act on it immediately. The strongest calls to action...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 22 2013
Why Local Business Advertising Fails
Reject the notion of the “blow-the-budget, try-it-all” advertising blitz and ditch the search for the new, bright and shiny marketing gimmick. It doesn t exist....
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jun 21 2013
New Location for Tuesday's Startup Grind
Tuesday night's Startup Grind with Shridhar Mittal, general manager of Application Delivery at CA Technologies is now scheduled at a new location. The Dallas...
DFW Technology iReporter     Jun 10 2013
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