Jeff Farris
The Number One Secret to the Success of Your Local Business
I ve never been one to mince words, and I recently had a client insist that advertising doesn t work. My initial response — which I kept to myself — was why do...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     May 28 2013
Deadly Shooting at Southlake Town Square
Alert: A man was shot and killed at the Southlake Town Square shortly before 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 22. WFAA has more on the story here: -...
Southlake BubbleLife News     May 22 2013
Highland Park Village
Highland Park Village is the central shopping and dining area for Highland Park. It is the oldest shopping center in America.
Park Cities Photos     Apr 4 2013
Snider Plaza
Snider plaza is the central shopping and dining area for University Park.
Park Cities Photos     Apr 4 2013
Learn How to Increase Sales in 12 Minutes
Want to close more business and for higher amounts? This is one of the best primers on selling, I ve seen in a long time. Great techniques simply explained in...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Mar 6 2013
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BubbleLife Connect     Feb 28 2013
If Word-of-Mouth is Your Top Source of New Customers, You Might Have Problems
Let’s face it, the primary reason “word-of-mouth” often ranks as the top source of new customers is because most business owners don’t know how to find new...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Dec 3 2012
Are You Buying the "Latest Thing" Instead of Results?
Each day seems to bring a new “opportunity” to get found online through a new directory listing, an SEO redo of your website, or some social media buzz. Even...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Sep 25 2012
How Do Other Small Businesses Market in Dallas?
When your customers watched three local television stations, read one daily newspaper and had a phonebook in the cupboard, it was relatively easy to place an ad...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Aug 15 2012
What Does a Mature Marketing Effort Look Like?
We are often asked what should I be doing for marketing? The short answer is as much as you have time and budget for with the mature marketing plan look...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Aug 5 2012
One Easy Way to Get a Repeat Customer – Guaranteed!
Ask. It really is that simple, yet surprisingly few businesses take the time to ask their customers to come back either during their first visit or later after...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Aug 1 2012
Unhappy Customers Never Go Away
A few years ago when a customer had a bad experience they told their friends and the story typically ended there. The cost to the business was the loss of one...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jul 18 2012
Has This Happened to You?
A local business decided to advertise in local print media. The owner had to commit to multiple months and was assured that the media’s distribution and her...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jun 30 2012
This is the Subject of My Article
This is the article text.
Neighborhood Merchant     Jun 21 2012
Why Bubba’s is a Better Role Model than Apple
Many businesses look to Apple as a role model for exemplary customer service. Even large companies like JC Penney are trying to emulate Apple’s retail...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jun 20 2012
10 Common Local Business Website Mistakes
A good website is now one of the most important things a local business can do to generate new customers. But the definition of a good website is too often that...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     May 17 2012
Facebook vs. Email
Facebook and email both serve the same purpose – they help keep your business in front of customers. But each has its own pros and cons and limited time can...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Apr 11 2012
My Website Looks Great, What’s Wrong With That?
There is nothing wrong with a great looking website if that’s all you want. But most local businesses also want their website to make the phone ring and...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Mar 15 2012
What’s So Bad About Flash on my Website?
100 million iPhones and 50 million iPads. That’s the estimate for Apple unit sales in 2012 alone. And, Adobe Flash runs on none of them. Those numbers are a...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Feb 26 2012
Getting Customers to Your Business
My son likes the Harry Potter Wii game (hang in there, I’ll make this relevant in just a few sentences). In the game, you have to complete tasks in a particular...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jan 16 2012
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