Jeff Farris
5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Page a Flaming Disaster
With the majority of customers now on Facebook, the desirability of using Facebook to help market your business seems like an easy decision. But before cranking...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Feb 24 2011
Lake Highlands Performer Takes Home Honors
Local Dallas resident 5-year-old Julie Lampl took home the awards for both Overall Actor and Overall Model in the Pixie Category (ages 3-5) at a top national...
Lake Highlands iReporter     Feb 12 2011
Yellow Pages - Once a Necessity, Now a Trivia Question?
For most of the years since its invention in 1886, the printed yellow pages have been a fixture beside household phones. But starting about 10 years ago, things...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Feb 4 2011
Voluntary Accountability
In a local parent's meeting, Julie Bell, CEO of The Mind of a Champion , provided some nice insights into how we deal with problems. She calls it voluntary...
Sports Esteem     Jan 20 2011
Internet Deals - The Latest Fad or Here to Stay?
As the economy has slowed down, “deals” or aggressive price promotions have become a proven way to get new and repeat business. However, price promotion can be...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jan 17 2011
Eddie Bauer Closes at North Park Mall
It looks like North Park and Eddie just couldn't get along. Stonebriar or Firewheel is now the closest. Thank goodness for Whole Earth Provision on...
Park Cities iReporter     Jan 7 2011
200 Ways to Make Google’s First Page
Google is always working to improve the search results for a given query. As of last count, Google uses over 200 factors to come up with the right results. The...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Nov 26 2010
200 Million Blog Posts
The link in this article references the 200 million blog post milestone celebrated at That is a lot of blog posts. More importantly it is a lot...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Oct 22 2010
Re: Can anyone recommend a storage unit company?
Northwest Highway and Storage near I-35 and Northwest Highway next to Sams. They have indoor units, very clean and dust free. I've had stuff stored there for...
BubbleLife Q&A     Oct 9 2010
Why All Customers Are Not Created Equal?
When planning your marketing strategy, it helps to have a primary goal that you want to accomplish. For most businesses this primary goal is typically more...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Sep 11 2010
Head Games and Youth Sports - from Huffington Post
Richard Senelick, M.D., a neurologist and Medical Director for Rehabilitation Institute of San Antonio provides some interesting medical and cultural insight...
Sports Esteem     Sep 6 2010
Blogging for Results
HubSpot, a web marketing firm, recently completed a survey of their 2,500 business customers and compiled the results into some very interesting graphs and...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Aug 23 2010
What is Technorati?
Technorati is an Internet search engine that specializes in blogs. When you go to the Technorati website , you can search blogs by title,...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Jun 28 2010
Chick-fil-a Spicy Sandwich - The Next iPad?
If the line is any indication it would seem so. The store on Hillcrest was busy at lunch but fortunately the line moved fast.
Safeway to close Dallas' only Simon David store
Safeway to close Dallas' only Simon David store, open Tom Thumb in its place | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Dallas Business News Source:...
Swagger Wagon
For parents with young kids, this video pretty much sums it up.
SMU Caruth Hall
Getting ready for Caruth Hall opening this Friday at 3:00.
Google Highlights Local Results
Location is becoming an increasingly important part of the way Google searches. For anyone looking for a restaurant, automotive service, dry cleaning, dentistry...
BubbleLife | Advice Local     Mar 2 2010
SMU Moved to Boston?
In this picture, it looks like SMU has relocated its campus to Boston.
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