Tim Stoll
Uptown Dallas Packing and Moving Do’s and Don’ts
When you first contemplate packing and moving to or from Uptown Dallas , it’s advisable to take a deep breath first, then close your eyes and mentally recall...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Feb 8 @ 20:17
Search Property For Sale
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Dec 20 2016
Search Property For Sale
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Dec 20 2016
Holiday Feeling in Uptown Dallas Comes ‘Round Again
The holiday season surely makes for a neat package: wrapping up the whole year in a sort of satisfying finale. Whether it’s your Christmas or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Dec 20 2016
The Best Online Pharmacy. Buy Cialis Without Prescription – Orders-Cialis.info
Why buy cialis on the internet is really beneficial for you? So you ve decided to order cialis and do not know where to start? We can give you some advice....
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Dec 12 2016
Selling a Dallas Home in Winter May be the Best Time
Bears hibernate. Geese fly south. And Dallas home buyers become different people in the winter. During spring and summer months, the competition, speed and...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Dec 12 2016
Real Estate Buying Binge News For Uptown Dallas Sellers
When it comes to uptown Dallas real estate reporting, there seem to be more icebergs out there than in Antarctica in mid-summer (which is mid-winter here—but...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Dec 5 2016
Uptown Dallas Real Estate and the Election Results
If you weren’t among those who were surprised by the presidential election outcome, you were among the very few. Opinion leaders in every corner of the media...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Nov 28 2016
Uptown Dallas Thanksgiving that Happened Twice
If you have been looking forward to celebrating your Uptown Dallas Thanksgiving on Thursday, you’re probably confident that on Friday you’ll be able to put all...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Nov 22 2016
Fixer-upper Home in Dallas Can be a Good Thing
If you were one of the brave Dallas real estate investors who decided a few years back that the real estate meltdown was an awfully good buying opportunity,...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Nov 17 2016
House Selling Tips Uptown Dallas Homeowners
If you have much experience with house selling, you probably have your own ideas about what has seemed to be the preparations that made the most difference with...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Nov 10 2016
Smart House Gadgets Made Texas Inroads in 2016
A number of Smart House products made headway in 2016, so before the crystal ball gets hauled up over Times Square, this is an appropriate moment to review...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Nov 6 2016
Halloween in Dallas Texas is Also the End of a Season
It just could be that the absolute best Halloween gift has been identified. It’s one that every Dallas Texas resident would certainly be surprised to receive....
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Oct 27 2016
Curb Appeal Quick Fixes for Urban Dallas Homeowners
Conscientious Dallas homeowners keep on top of all the regular maintenance items pretty much automatically. Once you have lived in a place for more than a year...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Oct 19 2016
Real Estate News in Dallas Can’t Top These Items
Whenever a month’s Dallas real estate news activity ends on a Friday, the number-gatherers close up shop knowing there will be a longer than usual lapse until...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Oct 14 2016
Luxury Home Can Benefit from Luxury Touches
You can find how-to books with strategies laying out do-it-yourself strategies for transforming a property into a luxury home. Likewise, there are scads of...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Oct 12 2016
Selling Your Dallas Home by Widening the Customer Base
Marketers for any local business want to know as much as possible about their “customer base”. The population of potential buyers who might be attracted to...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Sep 28 2016
House Styles Dallas Texas & America’s Most Popular Homes
Ever tried to pin down the most popular house styles in the U.S.? Turns out—you can’t. Last week it almost seemed as if the answer was at hand. Dallas readers...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Sep 12 2016
Home Buyers Dallas Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions
Like careful consumers who are investigating any major purchase, Dallas home buyers need to address some of the same basic queries. Among home buyers, those who...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Sep 7 2016
Home Resale Value Dallas Bathroom Style Revolution
Design insights likely to affect Dallas home resale value. The pointers found in Design lately haven’t been particularly noteworthy. Earlier this month, there...
Uptown Dallas Real Estate     Sep 2 2016
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