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Reading List: Podcasting

Technology 11/16 6:45A Eric Peckham
I argued in my recent post What’s Next for Podcasting? that we’re at a pivot point where podcasting is becoming a mainstream content format for all types of shows and creators...

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Apple appoints A24 as its Academy Award ambassador

Business 11/16 12:55A Joe Berkowitz
Apple is venturing further into the streaming waters, tapping A24 to produce a slate of films that just may put the company in awards contention. What : A partnership designed...

A brilliant hack for New York City s water hydrants

Business 11/15 11:00P Aileen Kwun
Architect Tei Carpenter and designer Chris Woebken reimagine the overlooked, everyday hydrant to heighten the value of water. New York City may be home of the Pizza Rat and...

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Is civility a sham? | Teresa Bejan

TEDTalks (video) 11/14 3:56A (TED)
What exactly is civility, and what does it require? In a talk packed with historical insights, political theorist Teresa Bejan explains how civility has been used as both the...

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