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How to ask questions that get people to open up

Business 5/27 5:02A Stephanie Vozza
The quickest way to learn new info is to tap into the ideas of those around you, but most people don’t ask enough questions, says this expert. What you don’t know can hinder...

This colorful new font doesn’t use a single letter

Business 5/27 4:00A Hunter Schwarz
Poly Mono is like Wingdings, if Wingdings was colorful, geometric, and obsessed with Karel Martens. When is a font no longer a font? Poly Mono , a new font made of shapes...

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General Hospital Actor Johnny Wactor's Mom Mourns His Death

E! Online (US) - Top Stories 5/28 3:55A
Johnny Wactor s mom is experiencing an unimaginable loss.  After the General Hospital actor was confirmed to have died in a fatal shooting in downtown Los Angeles May 25, Scarlett Wactor, the...

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A Michelin Star in the Azores

JustLuxe 5/27 12:28P Linda Fasteson
(enter photo pf volcanic crater) Who would expect to find Michelin star chef on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? Yet that can be found at TERRA at the Octant...

Walk, Don't Run, to Barbados

JustLuxe 5/22 6:36A Cynthia Dial
When I received an invitation from this West Indian island to participate in Run Barbados, my reaction was a resounding yes until I remembered I don t run. ... via...

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Are we celebrating the wrong leaders? | Martin Gutmann

TEDTalks (video) 5/24 4:52A contact@ted.com (TED)
We tend to celebrate leaders for their dramatic words and actions in times of crisis — but we often overlook truly great leaders who avoid the crisis to begin with. Historian...

With AI, anyone can be a coder now | Thomas Dohmke

TEDTalks (video) 5/23 4:38A contact@ted.com (TED)
What if you could code just by talking out loud? GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke shows how, thanks to AI, the barrier to entry to coding is rapidly disappearing — and creating...

The good news you might have missed | Angus Hervey

TEDTalks (video) 5/22 4:49A contact@ted.com (TED)
Whether or not you believe the world is doomed might depend on where you get your news, says journalist Angus Hervey. He delivers stories of progress that mainstream media...

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