65% of owners buy their pets holiday gifts. Here s what to get your dog.

Business 12/12 11:05P Lauren Steele
There really is something to that four-legged family member mindset. If you ve made it to this article, you re probably at least thinking about getting a gift for your pet these holidays. You re not alone: A 2018 report from Nielsen found that 65%...

This corporate holiday card is a lot cooler than yours

Business 12/12 11:00P Lilly Smith
The card, from the design firm Pentagram, uses face-tracking to create original music. What does your corporate card do?? Sure, to face the music generally has the negative connotation that you re about to face something unpleasant. But Pentagram...

The London Underground s logo gets an inspired redesign

Business 12/12 10:00P Evan Nicole Brown
The classic red, white, and blue symbol has been around since 1908. It s time for a tune-up. London s underground transit system, known as The London Underground or The Tube, started running in 1863. Its iconic symbol, a patriotically colored...

Branding is dead, CX design is king

Business 12/12 9:33P micah bowers
The days of crafting brands without incorporating a CX design mindset are drawing to a close. One of the hardest things about design is keeping track of the terminology. There are many words to learn, and definitions frequently overlap. But don t...

Blue Bottle wants you to bring your own coffee cup—or pay up

Business 12/12 7:00P Mark Wilson
In a radical announcement, Blue Bottle said it would do away with disposable cups altogether in a beta test. Each year 250 billion fiber cups end up in landfills, which is why many companies are attempting to design disposable cups that can be...

Here s everything we know about Microsoft s Xbox Series X

Business 12/12 6:52P Michael Grothaus
The Xbox Series X features a monolithic design and goes on sale during the holiday season in 2020. Microsoft has shown off its eagerly anticipated next-generation Xbox gaming console. Microsoft officially began talking about the next-gen Xbox...

Are we entering a Golden Age of movie poster design?

Business 12/12 12:38A Lilly Smith
Digital streaming services and social media are creating new ways for studios to advertise beyond traditional, mainstream audiences, and that s creating new design opportunities. When you think of your favorite movie poster, what do you think of?...


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