Civic Nation BrandVoice: Making A Point To Close The Leadership Gap

Business 7/19 5:52A Wendy Doyle for Civic NationVoic
By developing a solution that proactively encourages women to apply for these roles, the Appointments Project demystifies the selection process, educates women about these lesser-known opportunities to serve, and coaches them on how to apply.

The quest to bring urinal culture to women

Business 7/19 12:15A Elizabeth Segran
Ladies, have you ever wanted to have a face-to-face conversation with your bathroom mate? You may not realize it, but many designers are on a quest to create a women s urinal. After all, how can the sexes be truly equal when men can pee quickly...

What mountain climbing expeditions tell us about teamwork

Business 7/18 10:30P Dylan Walsh
A new study mines decades of mountaineering data to measure how groupthink fares against top-down leadership. In principle, the mountaineer s work is simple: To win the game he has first to reach the mountain s summit, said George Mallory, who...

This site will show you exactly how ashamed you should be of flying

Business 7/18 12:00A Katharine Schwab
Designer Victor Muller built this interactive to help him understand the impact of his own cross-continental commuting. Now, anyone can try it. Everyone could stand to be more aware of their carbon footprint. But you should know reducing food...

Airlines are finally fixing the middle seat

Business 7/17 10:00P Mark Wilson
The FAA just approved a landmark seat design that you ll want on your next flight. There s no justice in air travel, an airline industry insider once told me . A third of passengers on planes get stuck with a middle seat, getting smushed for hours...

See NASA s weather data reimagined as a gorgeous antique map

Business 7/17 12:00A Mark Wilson
If satellite data about the seasons had been available in the 18th century, maps might have looked something like this one by Eleanor Lutz. Summer and winter mark the extremes of life on planet earth. To survive the annual 100-degree temperature...

See the world s oldest emoji in this new archive of 650 ancient symbols

Business 7/16 10:00P Katharine Schwab
A new project catalogues hundreds of icons, making it easier for contemporary designers can use them. Today, we are bombarded with a never-ending stream of images and logos and symbols. In this time of over-stimulation, how do you create symbols...


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