You Need This Cute Pillow of Mass Sleepstruction

JustLuxe 7/21 6:07A Brandon Driver
We all need a nap sometimes, and taking a pillow with us to the office, or on the plane, or around town is really not a socially acceptable practice. The Casper Nap Pillow combines a quality, double-layered pillow with the notion of a...

Live With Miami's Elite In The New Okan Tower

JustLuxe 7/18 10:01P Mila Pantovich
As one of Miami s newest developments, Okan Tower is truly an architectural masterpiece. Rising 890 feet above Miami s downtown, ... via

Classic Sonoma Luxury at MacArthur Place

JustLuxe 7/17 10:34P Blakely Trettenero
Only an hour away from San Francisco, but worlds apart, is where you will find the incredibly charming town of Sonoma. This little brother city to the overly popular Napa area can unfortunately be overlooked, and wrongfully so. Sonoma has...


JustLuxe 7/14 10:00P JustLuxe
Country music fans know that many of their favorite stars live in the most spectacular homes in Nashville s best neighborhoods. For the hit television show Nashville that was all about Music City and the stars and wanna-be star... via

Hidden Treasures of the Catalan Capital, Barcelona

JustLuxe 7/12 2:08A Sean Hillen
So full of surprises is cosmopolitan Barcelona that finding what can best be described as its Hidden Treasures is no easy task. After careful searching, here are a few. ... via

Istanbul Airport's Lounges Are Gateways To Luxury

JustLuxe 7/10 7:30A Bijan Bayne
Istanbul has been a gateway to Europe, Asia and the Middle East for centuries. Istanbul Airport was opened on October 29, 2018 to coincide with the 95th anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic. Serving as a hub between the USA and...

South Africa's Most Exclusive Neighborhoods

JustLuxe 7/9 9:12P JustLuxe
South Africa is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous destinations in the world. Easy access to the country s pristine beaches, majestic mountains, verdant forests, and magnificent parks is just one of the main selling points for anyone looking...

Living in Cabo: Your Guide to Living and Playing in Baja

JustLuxe 6/30 9:29P JustLuxe
Southern Baja is having a serious moment right now. Los Cabos, the catchall name for neighboring towns Cabo San Lucas and San Jos del Cabo, began to redefine itself as a beachfront lux... via

Luxury at The Royal Gorge

JustLuxe 6/27 7:29A Chad Chisholm
Canon City Colorado has been a destination since before the state was, well, a state. Canon City was laid out in 1858 during the gold and silver boom and Pike s Peak Gold Rush and the first building constructed in 1860; the nearby Royal Gorg ......

Michael Douglas Mediterranean Island!

JustLuxe 6/23 9:45P JustLuxe
No stranger to real estate investment and development, Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas began his real estate sideline at age 21. With the first money he ever made, working on one of his father s films in 1966, he bought 70 acres of...


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