Activism, changemakers and hope for the future | Malala Yousafzai

TEDTalks (video) 7/10 10:12A contact@ted.com (TED)
Education activist (and recent Oxford graduate) Malala Yousafzai reflects on the defining moments of her life, how she balances passion with personhood and where the world finds itself during the COVID-19 crisis. With humor and humility, she...

How to disrupt philanthropy in response to crisis | Darren Walker

TEDTalks (video) 7/10 4:58A contact@ted.com (TED)
If we want to build back better after the pandemic, we must reconsider philanthropy and create a new kind of capitalism that's rooted in generosity and accountability, says Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation. In this vital...

How museums help communities heal | Honor Harger

TEDTalks (video) 7/9 9:53A contact@ted.com (TED)
While on lockdown, the galleries of Singapore's iconic ArtScience Museum were empty -- but online, the museum was abuzz. Honor Harger shares how they're engaging deeply with its visitors through streamed talks, performances and workshops that...

Every day you live, you impact the planet | Jane Goodall

TEDTalks (video) 7/9 4:52A contact@ted.com (TED)
Legendary primatologist Jane Goodall says that humanity's survival depends on conservation of the natural world. In conversation with head of TED Chris Anderson, she tells the story of her formative days working with chimpanzees, how she...

A friendly, autonomous robot that delivers your food | Ali Kashani

TEDTalks (video) 7/8 10:01A contact@ted.com (TED)
Meet the friendly robot that could deliver your next burrito. Ali Kashani introduces us to Postmates' autonomous delivery robot and explains how it could help reduce carbon emissions and free up valuable real estate in cities everywhere. Learn...

The transformative role of art during the pandemic | Anne Pasternak

TEDTalks (video) 7/8 4:48A contact@ted.com (TED)
Museums are vessels of memory, knowledge, inspiration and dreams. Anne Pasternak, director of the Brooklyn Museum, makes the case for cultural institutions to take a leading role in supporting the world's recovery from COVID-19 -- and shows how,...

A smarter future: Notes from Session 7 of TED2020

TED Blog 7/7 10:37A Brian Greene
For the penultimate session of TED2020 , an exploration of amazing forces shaping the future from cancer-fighting venom to spacecraft powered by lazers and much more. Below, a recap of the night s...

Hope, action, change: Notes from Session 5 of TED2020

TED Blog 7/7 10:35A Ann Powers
Daring, bold, systems-disrupting change requires big dreams and an even bigger vision. For Session 5 of TED2020, the Audacious Project , a collaborative funding initiative housed at TED, highlighted...

Listening to nature: Notes from Session 1 of TED2020

TED Blog 7/7 10:35A Brian Greene
TED looks a little different this year, but much has also stayed the same.  The TED2020 mainstage program kicked off Thursday night with a session of talks, performances and visual delights from...

Values reset: Notes from Session 2 of TED2020

TED Blog 7/7 10:34A Brian Greene
There s a theory that the shock we re currently experiencing is intense enough to force a radical reset of our values of how we are and how we act. In an idea-packed session 2 of TED2020 , speakers...


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