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The future of diversity and inclusion in tech

Technology 6/17 6:36A Megan Rose Dickey
Silicon Valley is entering a new phase in its quest for diversity and inclusion in the technology industry. Some advocates call this part “the end of the beginning,” Code2040 CEO Karla Monterroso...

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Luxury Glamping at Mount Fuji with HOSHINOYA Fuji

JustLuxe 6/7 7:14A Blakely Trettenero
I drove along the enchanted winding road that hugs Lake Kawaguchi. Out of my window Mount Fuji was across the lake, standing majestically. My driver pulled off the road and up...

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My life as a work of art | Daniel Lismore

TEDTalks (video) 6/13 4:59A (TED)
Daniel Lismore's closet is probably a bit different than yours -- his clothes are constructed out of materials ranging from beer cans and plastic crystals to diamonds, royal...

Why we get mad -- and why it's healthy | Ryan Martin

TEDTalks (video) 6/12 4:46A (TED)
Anger researcher Ryan Martin draws from a career studying what makes people mad to explain some of the cognitive processes behind anger -- and why a healthy dose of it can...

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