Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch
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I was born in one of the best eras, the great 80s, in Mexico City. The tennis court has always been my happy place. At 12, I started my career as a high-performance tennis player. I reached #1 in Mexico City and #3 between 2000 and 2002 in Mexico. My dream? Become a professional tennis player and represent my beloved México in other countries.

I reached this dream, in 2022, when I had the opportunity to play a Masters World Championship in Lisbon, Portugal, ending the season as #7 in my category. So as you can read, I am not a person that simply gives up! How did I do it? With discipline, training, self-love, focus, passion, and heart. Of course, my family and true friends were always there for me.

I also love surfing, music, travel, sports, and a good laugh! Back in 2004, I was struggling with my father’s loss, with not being able to study in college in the U.S. with a scholarship as I’d planned, and that I had to stop doing what I loved the most, but also feeling helpless for not knowing any Mexican laws that might help my mother and me with our new financial life, creditors, insurance and many other things that we simply couldn’t handle by ourselves. That’s how I knew that I wanted to study law and became a Mexican lawyer in 2012. I love helping people not only with their cases but providing accurate information to give them the power of changing their future. Lincoln Goldfinch Law´s mission matches mine.

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