Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch
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My name is Axel, and I was born in Durango, Mx. I currently live in Puerto Vallarta and I have visited the U.S. since I was a child. I have visited California, Arizona and Texas. I studied Mechatronics in Mexico so I am very capable of adapting to different systems and people. I like to socialize a lot because I like to know the culture of every person I know, and be more capable of being empathic with them.

I grew up learning English so I could communicate better with a lot of people but sometimes I was teased for having an accent and felt how our Latin family struggled with this living in the U.S. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to work at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law.

I work at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law because I love helping people, and it brings me great joy to use my knowledge and skills to provide support for underrepresented communities. I know what it’s like when you don’t belong and I fight every day to make sure other people don’t have to feel like that, and so that they can have a fresh start and a new beginning in this wonderful country.

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