Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch
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Hello! I am Jessie. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. A proud daughter of two immigrant parents, I have learned and loved being part of both the U.S. and Mexico. With family in Michoacan and Tamaulipas, I have made many memories that have allowed me to truly appreciate both cultures.

Being born in the U.S. has taught me that the immigrant community has made our country what it is today. I did not know how tough it was to immigrate to the U.S. until I saw my own family go through the different steps of the process. In 2007, immigration law sparked my curiosity, and I began to work in the field to learn as much as I could to better help the immigrant community. I knew that it was my mission to make sure they knew their rights in this country, no matter their status. It has been an incredible, humbling, and inspiring journey that has led me to do this work.

I joined Lincoln-Goldfinch Law to continue with this journey. It is the greatest feeling to see our clients granted their status, whether that is a legal status, residency, or citizenship. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law’s mission is to bring peace to immigrant families.

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